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Mercator is a small group of amateur astronomers in Kruibeke, a town near the harbour of Antwerp in Belgium, Europe.
We wil set up our scopes on the border of a natural reserve park near the Schelde, a large river.
The location is called 'DE BUNT' in the town of HAMME, it can be found by following the dedicated road signs on the N41 national road between Hamme and Dendermonde. If you want additional information, please mail to .
You can find the website of Mercator at .


Beli Manastir - Astronomical Society "Giordano Bruno" will do observations at the City Square. Contact Milan Stojanovic,
Korčula - Astronomical Society of Korcula will hold observing on the island.

Oesijik - With this mail I want to represent academic-astronomy group “Asmodeus” from Department of Physics Osijek, Croatia. We are very interested in joining with you in this event, especially because we are new group and this would be one of the first biggest actions. We work with astronomy group “Anonymus” from Valpovo, Croatia and they will support us with necessary equipment. Event should take place at Osijek’s old city core Tvrdja, near tower named Bastion.  Contacts: Natasa Bek Vladimira Nazora 15   31000 Osijek

Ogulin - Mali astronomi DND Ogulin, Croatia will join you in First International Sidewalk Astronomy Night  Rajko Susanj

Radonic Two telescopes (a 4.5" F10 and a 12" F5) will be set up on May 19th at the Kalpic Agrotourism in the village Radonic, near National Park Krka, Croatia  Contact:


Akademsko astronomsko drustvo Rijeka will join to sidewalk day and do observations at the city port on Gat Karoline Rijecke. We will bring four telescopes.  Contact: Public Observatory Rijeka: 385 400 658.  Best regards   Zlatko  Ciganj Zlatko

Anonymus Astronomical Society will hold sidewalk observations in Valpovo and possibly Osijek, exact locations still unknown. Contact: Ivica Skokic ( ,
Astronomsko društvo Infinitum (ADI) from will join the sidewalk day. The location(s) are still unknown. Contact info:  
Thank you for starting this event. Our society, Remetinecko Astronomsko Drustvo (RAD) from Zagreb (Croatia), will join this event and entertain citizens of southern part of our city. The location  Lake Bundek at Novi Zagreb. It's much more crowded than our previous playground location. We'll start gathering at 20:00 local time (GMT+1).
Best regards!
Krunoslav Gasparic, RAD president
+385 98 289 218



Georgia Astronomy Club

It will be a honor for us to join the event at 19th of May. We have desided to go out and stand by the local sity park (which is the best place for the observation, since we are located in the middle of large city, Tbilisi). Then we will post our photos and comments (since we own the digital camera, we can even send .avi as well).

We are glad to join this event and feel like we are not alone around here with this space exploration enthusiasm! Nice meeting you and Join you!

Contact Marika Tarasashvili



Augsburg  Udo Till


Hello, dear Astronomy Friends!
M name is Nina Mut, I am 19 years old.
I am an armateur astronomer since about 9 years. I have heard about SideWalkers Astronomy Night from my ex-astronomy teacher Vladimir Krupko in Omsk, Russia. Now I am living in Hamburg, Germany, and I would like to join this project.
At May, 19 I will take my telescope out with some other amateur astronoms in HAMBURG, and we will show the SKY to the passants. I would take some pictures, too.
I think, its a very great project. It will be Wandsbek Markt, between the bus station and restaurant "Plaza".   LETS DO SOME PROPAGANDA FOR ASTRONOMY!

Saarbrucken -The guys there are working on the specifics and we'll have location and contact information in the next couple of weeks.


Stuttgart- There will be some scopes out in Stuttgart, but we don't have the exact location and they are working out who will be in charge of getting the contact information out. Please check back in the next few weeks.



Thrace Amateur Astronomy Club is organizing a big evet in Alexandroupolis Greece. The event will take place in
National History Museum Alexandroupolis Greece (2.5km away from the center of the town)
The event will start 18 May 2007 21.00 LT and will continue through  19 May 2007 03.00 LT 
There will be more than 4 telescopes (9.25", 8", 2.7", 2.7") and binoculars for the public. We aspect more than 150 people to came there (maybe 150-250 or more).
We will have projector to see Saturn from the telescopes.
I don't know if the night, is as you want 18-19 May 2007 or 19-20 May 2007
but it's better to inform you
if the night is not good enough the event will take place the following next nights...

Prasopoulos Dimitrios

Chairman of  “Thrace Amateur Astronomy Club”,  

Web Site:

Larissa -  A-POLARIS Astronomy Club will have telescopes in a beautiful place in the city - a pedestrian-street front of an Ancient Theater. Contact

Hi from Greece, our club is organizing an event the night of May 19th, on the promenade of Peraia district in Thesseloniki. We will have telescopes and binoculars for the public.  Vossinakis Andreas webmaster Friends of Astronomy Club  Thessaloniki, Greece


The Hungarian Astronomical Association  will organise the event on May 19, from 8 p.m. from Florian Shopping Centre  Attila Mizser


The Magnitudo Astronomical Society (Hungary, Debrecen) is taking part in the International Sidewalk Astronomy Night (19.05.2007) with a public star party in front of the Calvinist Great Church, in the main square of Debrecen with about 8 telescopes. The program starts at 20:30 PM and ends at about 23:00 PM. The flood-lighting of the church (which is the symbol of Debrecen, the second largest city of Hungary) will be turned off for the event.

contact: István Gyarmathy vice-president, Magnitudo Astronomical Society, Debrecen


The Hegyhát Astronomical Foundation will organise the event on May 19, from 7 p.m. from Hegyhat Observatory with 50 cm RC. Vince Tuboly and Tibor Horváth 

Sopron, Harkai plato'

Stella Sopron Astronomy Club will be out from 8 p.m. from Sopron, Harkai plato with more telescops and live camera. Contact for public relation: Kiss Gyula


We have a couple of clubs in Ireland that
are planning on participating but we don't have the exact locations yet.



Hi,  the Gruppo M1 Astrofili Castiglionesi will participate at 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. Gruppo M1 Astrofili Castiglionesi  clear skies   Gruppo M1 AC

La Spezia

Istituto Spezzino Ricerche Astronomiche - IRAS

Claudio Lopresti -



ALPA – Associazione del Libero Pensiero Astronomico
Club mail address: 
Paolo Morini


Hi - we announce our disponibility in Rome fot the first Intl. sidewalk astronomy night ! We put our telescope in Rome downtown:  Castel S.Angelo in front of San Peter Cathedral. All guest are welcome !  Galassie -  Associazione AstrofiliIl / Rome Sidewalk Astronomers Carlo Muccini - Galassie


Sant'ambrogio di Torino
Piazza della Repubblica
Due telescopi a disposizione del pubblico


We will be on the street that night ! 
A.V.A.  Associazione Valbossa Astrofili
We are in Daverio (Varese - Italy)  From our blog the exact location during the night !   Francesco Cernecca  Sito -
Blog -


It was decided that there will be two places in Latvia (Europe) where sidewalk astronomy evenets will take place:  Please register the following two locations:

1. Riga. Next to the central building of University of Latvia. Contact - Ilgonis Vilks. Latvian Astronomical Society.
2. Talsi. The Regional Museum. Contact - Martins Eihvalds. Astronomy Development Foundation.

Best regards,  Martins Gills IYA2009 SPoC Latvia  p://

 Former Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

The astronomical Society of Bitola will have its telescopes out on the central city square. Bitola is a town in the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. Wisit our webpage: (only in Macedonian for now) or contact us at the adresses listed there. Clear skies,

Astronomical Society "Bitola" - Bitola


Martin Ivanovski


Arad - location probably in front of City Hall
Galaxis Ast. Club (Mircea Pteancu, Cristian Habalic, and Csillag Attila) and  AREA  Romanian Assoc. for Education in Astronomy (Branco Arsenov) 
Also, possibly -  Professor Major   Arad, Roumania – Secondary School # 6
Mircea Pteancu


Astronomical Association "Sirius" from Barlad, Romania, wants to participate on  may 19th at the international  event which concern the realizing of simultaneous observations with the public.   Thier attention is captured by including this activity in the National symposium <<Education and Astronomy in the IIIrd millennium>>, organized between 19-20 may in Barlad.      The astronomical instruments will be placed in a high traffic area, which includes The Town Hall, "Vasile Parvan" museum, "Victor Ion Popa" theatre, etc.      We wish you success with this interesting project.   Asociatia Astronomica SIRIUS


I am a member of Meridian 0 Astroclub from Oradea;
our location will be The Fortress of City, Oradea, Romania 19 May, 20h p.m.
Contact person

We are Astroclubul Bucuresti from Romania   contact information:
Oana Sandu, PR coordinator  PRIME Romania



Irkutsk - The Irkuktsk Astronomy Club will be holding sidewalk observations. Locations/contact info will be announced shortly.


Krasnoyarsk -  The Krasnoyask Astronomy Club will be holding sidewalk events. Locations/contact info will be announced shortly.


Hi! We would like to join the "International Sidewalk Astronomy Night".  Our coordinats:  "Shuvashian Astronomical Club" Novocheboksarsk, School-gimnasium #6 Russia, Chuvashia Republic. Location: 56,07N 47,35E  Coordinator: Ed Vazhorov  Number of telescopes: 3 (150mm and 110mm Newtonians, 70mm refractor) Эд Важоров


We are the Planetarium and AstroClub Albireo from Omsk. We are going to set up 2 telescops on the plase near the Omsk Palace of Creativity of Children. With the townspeople the group five men of the skilled observers will work. Vladimir


IKAR Astronomy Club will be taking part in ISAN. Location to be announced.


Backa Palanka                                                               Astronomical Society *Univerzum*, will hold sidewalk observations at the City Square.  contact: president AD*Universe* Janko Mravik


Blahova                                                                                                         The Slovak Amateur Astronomical Association will organise the event on May 19, from 8 p.m. from UMA Astronomical Area, Blahova                          Tibor Csörgei  



Santiago de Compostela

We are an amateur astronomy club in the town of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) called Clube de Astronomia Vega (Vega Astronomy Club).  The University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and Clube Vega have a project to approach the Astronomy to the people of Santiago de Compostela. This project is called "Astronomía na Beirarúa" (Astronomy at the Sidewalk in english and "AnB" for friends) and is supported by the USC and the regional goverment with public funds. The people of AnB comes from the USC and Clube Vega and make public observations in the streets of of Santiago de Compostela.  We wish to join you at International Sidewalk Astronomy Day by making a public observation in a place (not yet decided) of Santiago de Compostela.

Our contact information:   Clube Compostelán de Astronomía Vega  Centro Sociocultural A Trisca , Corredoira das Fraguas, 92 (barrio de San Pedro) Santiago de Compostela. 15704: A Coruńa GALICIA - ESPAŃA  and by email in:


Kharkov  Contact Denis  for location information

United Kingdom


Both Birmingham Astronomical Society ( and the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society ( intend to take part in this event - we are currently intending to take telescopes out into Centenary Square in the City Centre of Birmingham, UK.  Gill Pilfold  Samuel George -- | | --  University of Birmingham Astrophysics and Space Research Group Secretary FAS | |

Knowle Astronomical Society (based near Birmingham in the UK) think that this is an excellent idea and plan to support it with an event in Jobs Close Park (aka Knowle Park), Knowle.  Contact for any interested parties will be myself, Regards, Nigel Foster, Hon. Secretary/Treasurer Knowle AS Nigel Foster


I shall be setting up an 8” Meade on the sidewalk in front of my house for Sidewalk Astronomy on the 19th May – (weather permitting). Contact number for people interested is 01206 504 169. Numbers will be limited to the first 15 names – the location is restricted so parking will be difficult. Children will HAVE TO BE accompanied by an adult. peter.littlewood 


Hello our astronomy society (in the UK) is taking part in some events on the day: North Essex Astronomical Society  Various locations in Essex David Warrington


The Huddersfield Astronomical & Philosphical Society will have scopes out, please contact Robert Williams at  for location information

Isle of Wright

We're hoping to take some scopes out somewhere on the Isle of Wight, UK, on Sat 19th. We will probably be on Ryde seafront. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not good, and we won't be there if it's too grim.  Lucy Rogers 


The Liverpool Ast. Soceity will host an event at Pex HIll and one in Liverpool City Centre. Contact Dave Owen at  for exact details. The Liverpool city centre event will only be confirmed  6 hours before it starts - due to weather uncertainties.                    

Pex Hill - The event is scheduled to run from 20:00 to 22:00. So, it would be useful if these times could be posted on your web site. It may not matter a great deal as, if the weather is good on 19 May, this event will probably finish after midnight!! However, although sunset is at 21:10 on 19 May, we hope to be using our telescopes before then to look at a 3 day old crescent Moon and Venus.


Castle Point Astronomy Club

Hyde Castle Country Park